📞 GIRLS AGES 12-17 CALL: (404) 602-0068 📞 WOMEN AGES 18-32 CALL (404) 427-3100

We are so excited about this year’s Run For One 5k, being held on June 14, 2014 at Piedmont Park. So many wonderful things happen at our 5k – You have the ability to easily spread awareness and do something tangible to take a stand against sexual exploitation.


“How to Register,” you ask? Here are the steps for you to easily register yourself as an individual, part of a team, or as a ghost runner.


Go to www.wellspringliving.org/run to begin the process.


1. Individuals

Registering as an individual runner? Fill out all the information, but Click NO when asked if you are running as part of a team.

2. Virtual Runners

If you cannot be at the race physically on June 14th, do not worry! Please click the YES on the Virtual Runner option if you will be supporting from afar. We’ll send you a race number to wear on race day and show your support! Don’t forget to take a picture and tag #RUNforONE.

3. Team Members

If you are registering as part of a team, please click YES when asked. You will be asked for your team captain or organization’s name. Please fill that in and click if you are the team captain or not.

4. Organizing a Team?

Want win one round trip ticket from AirTran? Would you like to organize a team? Which ever team captain can get the largest number of runners signed up on their team will win a round trip ticket from AirTran and ALL the members of the team will win a special prize! When you register online, please click that YOU are the Team Captain. That way, we can know who to contact regarding the team! Runners on your team could include runners who attend the race as well as “Ghost Runners,” so use your network to get the biggest team possible!


Once again, the Early Bird Special is only $28!! This offer ends on MAY 12 so get registered today!