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Imagine your life in Black & White.
Your decisions, experiences and identity defined in terms of:

Right and Wrong
Good or Bad
Worthy or Unworthy
Normal or Crazy
Whole or Broken

In this world, there is no room for brilliance, ambiguity, vulnerability or depth. And yet, this world is all too familiar for many Participants entering the Empowered Living Academy.

At the Empowered Living Academy, our color is “Purple.” It is a color that symbolizes royalty, power and ambition. It is a color that represents wisdom, dignity, independence and creativity. The color Purple embodies the stability of Blue and the energy of Red (bourncreative.com). In this way, “Purple” represents our best hopes for the Participants in their creation of a future where their strengths shine the brightest in a kaleidoscope of ever-changing colors. In this world, a Participant’s goals are made only more vibrant by the intensity of her dreams.

During the final week of classes at the Empowered Living Academy, I facilitate a reflective group featuring a “My Journey” activity where Participants are given a Black & White sheet of paper with a winding road that separates the sheet into three sections: Past, Present & Future. The Participants may use any words, colors, symbols, etc. that they choose to represent these three sections. I am always amazed and inspired by the transformation. Dark words from the Past (depression, anger, bondage, secrets) progress into the Light words of the Present and Future (trust, acceptance, happiness, success), and the pages turn from Black & White to Color, as the Overall Journey of the Participant unfolds.

-By Alissa Tertichny, LMSW

About Author Alissa Tertichny, LMSW
Alissa Tertichny serves as a Program Coordinator & Social Worker for the Empowered Living Academy (ELA). At ELA, Alissa empowers Participants to achieve personal and professional success by recognizing strengths, developing community, coordinating care and supporting goals. Alissa is an Atlanta native who enjoys reading, cooking, art, dancing, hiking and spending time with her family, friends and pets!

Two finished products of ELA’s “My Journey” reflective activity.