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Each year we pray for God to give us an encouraging Scripture to guide our thoughts. Wellspring Living’s word for the year is MORE.

As we seek to know God more, we believe He will enable Wellspring Living to serve with more excellence, see more women and girls walk toward freedom, and experience more impact on the issue of exploitation.

Would you join me in prayer as I believe God for MORE this year?

Wellspring Living

Mary Frances Bowley
Executive Director

“I have been to five different programs and this is the first place that has worked through my trauma with me. Wellspring is more than a safe place.”

– Vanessa, Renewed Hope House Participant


Wellspring Living uses trauma-informed care as the foundation in serving women at the Renewed Hope House. Trauma-informed care is an intervention and approach that focuses on how trauma may affect an individual’s life and their response to behavioral health services, from prevention through treatment.

Through a compassionate approach, women are given the choice in their own treatment and care. Their involvement in the entire treatment process gives women ownership and empowerment in their recoveries. The encouraging environment of the program provides a greater sense of safety – physically, emotionally and mentally. Through therapy and skill-building, we offer women the chance to explore and manage the impact of trauma, while focusing on strengths and building resilience.


“I have been to five different programs and this is the first place that has worked through my trauma with me. Wellspring is more than a safe place.”

– Sophia, Wellspring Living For Girls Participant

The Wellspring Living For Girls Program is recognized as a Georgia residential school. Wellspring Living provides a hybrid education experience, which means that girls work at their own individualized pace and learning plan using an online platform with live highly qualified teachers in the room to ensure their success. Fulton County teachers create individualized tutoring sessions and lessons catered directly to their learning needs through a multi- media approach.

Girls come into our program on various grade levels and are usually behind. All the teachers meet the girls right where they are and encourage and direct them through a variety of instructional designs. The girls have the ability to choose a variety of ways to earn the credits needed to get back on track (through life skills classes, as well as traditional education classes). The girls’ personal involvement in their education plan gives them ownership and empowerment in their restoration. Our unique academic strategy is one that is being modeled across the United States.


Spending the day on the golf course this spring can mean more than a day hitting the links. Your participation can mean a lifetime of hope for sexual exploitation survivors. Join us on Monday, April 17, 2017 at St. Ives Country Club for our annual golf tournament.

REGISTER NOW: WellspringLiving.org/GOLF


“The knowledge and relationships that you build from this program is priceless. ELA has given me confidence and hope. This program has meant more than I could have imagined!”

–Tamara, Empowered Living Academy Participan

The Empowered Living Academy is a community-based program that provides exploited or at-risk women, ages 18+, with a 10-week session offering support in the areas of: GED completion, life skills, fitness, career readiness, apprenticeships, case management, and weekly therapy. Sessions are held at local YMCAs and there are two tracks: GED and career readiness. Those in the career readiness track can become eligible to receive a paid apprenticeship at the end of the 10-week session through Randstad US. Learn more about the life-changing Empowered Living Academy at EmpoweredLivingAcademy.org.


By saving the money you might spend on one family dinner outing or a new pair of shoes, your $100 a month would significantly impact the lives of our survivors and their restoration experience. Our “100x100” campaign will strengthen our program support and help us to maximize our efforts. Will you give more girls hope?


Make your voice even louder! Join us on February 28th for Anti-Sex Trafficking Lobby Day 2017 at The Historic Freight Depot, 9am-1pm.

For more information about Lobby Day, including schedule of events, please click here.