📞 GIRLS AGES 12-17 CALL: (404) 602-0068 📞 WOMEN AGES 18-32 CALL (404) 427-3100

ILP is in a great position of growth and being able to provide new opportunities for our ladies that will help them succeed in the program as well as when they transition into complete independence. We are blessed to be assisting our ladies in building dreams and achieving goals that once seemed impossible. One of our residents shared, “We are so spoiled and being here is such a blessing”, comments like this remind us that we are here for a greater purpose, which is to serve and support our ladies.

Currently, ILP has GED graduates, individuals who will be starting the career track of ELA, and an individual who is successfully working a full time job and enrolled in college classes receiving an A-B average. ILP is also growing our volunteer base to assist the ladies in practical and healthy hobbies and activities, which will help foster complete independence. However, Dream Builders and community partnerships are needed to further make our ladies dreams a reality.

About Author Jamila Furtch, LPC
Jamila Furtch is the program coordinator for the independent living program serving women ages 18-30 at Wellspring Living. Jamila Furtch is a Licensed Professional Counselor for the state of Georgia who has a passion working with women who have experienced trauma. Jamila’s naturally calm demeanor has been a great asset in helping the women she serves. When Jamila is not working she loves to spend time with her 2-year-old daughter and Zumba classes!